Things I Like | Week 10

Happy International Woman’s day everyone!

As I didn’t get to see the Oscar’s last Sunday, it aired here at 2am, which after a busy Sunday was just too late for me, I thought I would see if I could find it anywhere to watch. Instead I watched the whole show from last year after I realized I only saw bits and pieces of that one.

I loved John Legends performance of the songs from La La Land. So a year late, but I’ve seen the 89th Oscars show. Now, I just need to find the full 90th show to watch. Anyone any idea?

Here are a few Things I Liked this week.

One | #veromodawoman T-shirt campagne

I made my own small difference today by purchasing this T-shirt designed for the Vero Moda Woman T-shirt campagne. This campagne supports female entrepreneurs in Northern Uganda. All proceeds are spent on the financial independence of women in this area.

Two | A Wrinkle in Time

This book is next on my reading list and the trailer of the movie already made me so excited. And how could it not, it has such a strong cast with Oprah Winfrey, Storm Reid, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling. I just can’t wait!

Three |

Make poetry great again. I’ve been reading a lot of poetry lately and I’m so inspired by the poems of r.h sin and Samantha King, I really recommend following them on Insta, and this hat would be so cool.

Four | Vila Spring collection

Vila has the cutest new Spring collection so off course I  had to order some new items, among them these loose fit pants which are so comfortable and this dress adding a touch of color to my otherwise black, white and blue wardrobe.

Five| Garage sale

Last Sunday I attended a ‘rommelmarkt’ (it’s like a garage sale/ market type of thing) to sell some if the clothes and other things I had lying around the house and wasn’t using anymore. I went with my mom and even though it was pretty cold, we still had a fun and profitable day. Which also reminded me that these garage sale places are just the best for finding cheap used books. So even though I sold a lot, I also brought some ‘new’ things home with me.


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