Things I Like | Week 9

Another week, another Wednesday! And a freezing one it was. It’s so very cold here I’ve been layering my clothes. Not very fashionable, but so needed.

It’s been another busy but oh so fun week. I went to Breda last Saturday for a lunch date with an old colleague who became a very good friend, and it was so nice catching up. Saturday night ended with the movie Game Night which is hilarious, can’t remember I laughed this hard at the movies, and Gin & Tonic cocktails which are my new favorite. The Swan Market was in Rotterdam this Sunday, so I ended my weekend with a bit of shopping. Not a bad weekend at all!

Here are a few Things I Liked this week.

One | Juniqe

The absolute best website for gifts! And I love the notebooks they have, since that’s a little addiction of mine.

Two | ASTR the Label

Found a new collection of dresses that are adorable. And they are sold at Nordstrom, so it’s on my list to visit while I’m in LA.

Three | Mombasa Strawberry Gin

Best Gin & Tonic cocktail made with Mombasa strawberry Gin and Rose Lemonade.

Four | Refinery29 & Lucy Fink

I’ve been following Refinery29 on Facebook for a while now, and I really like Lucy Fink’s 5-day challenges. This 5-days of Bullet Journaling made me finally start my own.

Five| One piece bathing suit

I NEED one of these!


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